Nov 172011

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

His name was Lamar
He was a lame-o
Republican from Texas, run you over with his Lexus
He drafted a bill
With twelve co-sponsors
They want to stop piracy pain
But no one seemed to find their brain
They took the DMCA curse
And then they tried to make it worse
When Google has to police websites,
Sanity drives off in a hearse

At the SOPA
SOPA Cabana
As brilliant as Hannah Montana
At the SOPA
SOPA Cabana
Please don’t endorse it
(or try to enforce it)
At the SOPA
They killed the Net

The Net’s a network (duh!)
You can’t police it
It’s full of information supplied by the world’s population
Now, I believe in
Intellectual Property
But the price you pay for free speech
Is, sometimes, a copyright breach
No, it’s not an ideal thing,
But the alternative’s Beijing
Just for, like, five seconds
Could you try not to be so right wing?

At the SOPA
SOPA Cabana
The bad guys don’t wear a bandana
At the SOPA
SOPA Cabana
It just makes me jitter
To think of poor Twitter
If the SOPA
It kills the Net

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