Jul 102012
English: Exclamation mark Ελληνικά: Θαμαστικό

English: Exclamation mark Ελληνικά: Θαμαστικό (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m going to be giving a free webinar on using JavaScript to consume data from the new ASP.NET Web API!

I put an exclamation point next to that sentence to make it sound extra exciting.  I’d like for you to read that sentence in roughly the same tone of voice as you’d say, “It turns out the reason my car got such bad gas mileage is there was a pile of diamonds in the trunk!”

We’ll be covering such diamonds-in-the-trunk comparable topics as:

  • Web API service overview and how to consume them with JQuery
  • Using Knockout,js and HTML templates for data manipulation and formatting
  • How to get JSON, XML, and other MIME types from the Web API

The webinar is this coming Wednesday, July 11, at 11am Central.  You can register for it here.

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