Dec 122012

Jim (Photo credit: stan)

Jim: We actually had an agile coach come out two years ago to get us going doing Scrum.

Me: How’d that go?

Jim: Well, he got us going on sprints and all that, and, I don’t know.  I think it slowed us down.

Me: Well, anything new is going to slow you down.

Jim: Yeah, that’s what I told people, but the problem was that the business expected us to be able to tell them when things were going to be done, and whole sprint thing didn’t make a lot of sense to them.

Me: I’ve also found that.

Jim: Well, I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on that, because I asked this coach or consultant or whatever, and he told me that Scrum doesn’t actually fix anything, but it raises issues, and it was up to us to figure it out.

Me: He told you to figure it out?

Jim: He was more diplomatic than that. He said something about beginning a journey of learning.

Me: Did he take you on a journey?

Jim: No, I elbowed him in the face and said, “Welcome to a journey of learning!  Figure that out!”

Me: *laughs*

Jim: No, I just did that in my head.

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