Mar 192013

Want to know about the most recent updates to SimCity?  Keep checking back for patch updates.

Update 3/20/2013 – Update 1.7b


  • Your city’s fire department will now attempt to extinguish fires with water instead of the default kerosene.
  • Hospitals will no longer be constructed purely from asbestos.
  • Crime will no longer only be committed by Sims with poor education. It will now also be committed by Sims who ride skateboards or listen to loud rap music at intersections.
  • We are no longer coating the boxed edition of SimCity with poison ivy.
  • Sims will no longer plot your real life murder when game is minimized.
  • Plate tectonics no longer throws your city into the sun.
  • Sims will no longer jump off cliffs to shorten commute to work.
  • Trains traveling on intercity railroads now occasionally stop.
  • Airline pilots no longer spontaneously Harlem Shake while in flight.
  • Size of railroad stations reduced to 500 city blocks.
  • Parks and Recreation advisory dialog no longer incorporates meta-style humor.  Purely observational a la early Seinfeld.
  • Jets replaced with actual jets.  Dancing Caucasian street gangs are no longer a valid transportation option.

Traffic Improvements:

  • Sims no longer make their commute entirely in reverse.
  • Mobility added as feature to cars.
  • Streetcar operators now contact AAA for assistance in turning corners.
  • Traffic patterns now governed by zoning, time of day, and availability of public transport as opposed to vengeful whims of Jor-Kryton, Lord of Traffic.
  • Cars now correctly allied with Autobots and will engage in 20% fewer instances of open warfare.
  • Emergency vehicles now run on internal combustion engines instead of sails.


  • Servers now available two days a week.
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