Mar 072013
Muteki Kanban Musume s original soundtrack

Muteki Kanban Musume s original soundtrack (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s that time of year, again.  Spring is on the way, and in the spring, a young geek’s fancy turns to thoughts of conferences.

I commend to you the Kansas City Developer Conference this year – a two-day thrill ride for developers and the people who manage them that’s the most fun you can have at a conference without wearing a costume.  This year’s product has the following features:

  • Keynote by Dan Vacanti – key player in the development of Kanban (Kanban is Japanese for “the world’s best software development workflow management philosophy ever”) who also once saved Brooklyn from a power outage by connecting their power grid directly to his brain.  Also known for telepathic powers and training the X-Men.
  • Other keynote by Pete Thomas – co-founder and CTO of Pollenware, which has automated the distribution of several metric tons of pollen to flowers throughout the KC area.
  • A session by yours truly on how to use metrics from Lean to project timelines, measure quality, and ultimately improve your team. Also includes a short pre-session on tarot, bone divination, and 5-minute colonoscopies for Waterfall teams who need estimates.
  • Jon Mills will personally give a chair massage to every attendee who wants one.  You have to bring your own chair, though. Also, the chair will need to sign a waiver before Jon massages it.
  • Lee Brandt will host a live show of “Lee Brandt’s Wild World of Animals.” This episode will feature the short, brutal game of cobra polo.
  • Ian Joyce will be leading a drumming circle and talking about your Developer Self-Esteem (DSE). Specifically, he’ll be lowering it.
  • Holy crap, it’s James Kovacs. How the hell did he get in there? He probably thinks he’s coming to speak at DevLink or something. If he asks you about it, be cool. Don’t screw this up for us, guys.
  • Michael Sarchet will be singing his hits “Baby” and “As Long as You Love Me.”
  • Troy Tuttle will be running sessions of the very educational GetKanban game as well as leading a seminar on how to utterly destroy someone’s worldview with calmly worded questions.

Not convinced by the awesome lineup? How about these killer events?

  • The AdventureTech Fly Guys
  • DEG – Sogeti “Ridin’ Nerdy” Rap Battle
  • Exlcusive meeting of the Fred Durst Society for Humanities and the Arts
  • A performance by Taylor Swift somewhere in the world

Reserve your seat, today, but you’ll only need the edge!

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